Our work


Lavretsovi 9 park

Natural stone coming from Kadastiku quarry was used in the design of the stairs and other landscaping elements in the Lavretsovi 9 park. This exquisite and noble natural material perfectly complements the landscape. Natural stone organically fits into the design of the stairs, making it exclusive. This is an excellent example of the successful integration of natural material into the park area of the city.


Bastion walls

The renovation of the wall was implemented using natural stone. The natural material is well combined with the environment, harmoniously fits into the urban environment. The advantages of natural stone are not limited to just aesthetic appearance. Eco-friendly material will last for many years, retaining its noble appearance. This circumstance is especially relevant for the city wall.


Hermann Castle in Narva

Herman Castle on the banks of the Narva River was founded by the Danes in the 13th century. This is a magnificent example of medieval architecture, a real pride of Estonia. We were faced with the task of restoring the Castle with the maximum preservation of the original appearance of the ancient fortress. For the restoration works, Remixape used natural stone coming from Kadastiku quarry. The restoration was completed at the highest level. Natural stone was adapted perfectly on the medieval walls of Narva Castle. Remixape is proud to have had the opportunity to work on the restoration of this cultural heritage site, and our specialist team has performed their task at the top level.