Natural stone

from the Kadastiku quarry
Natural stone is a marvellous material that combines natural aesthetics and excellent strength characteristics. It performs the functions of both decorative elements and wear-resistant coatings in an excellent manner. And proper processing only improves the characteristics of this material.

We extract any natural stone at Kadastiku quarry. It includes ca. 300,000 cubic meters of high-quality natural limestone. This circumstance enables to use the material not only during construction, but also in such detailed and scrupulous work as restoration.

One of the most important specialties that makes the local stone unique is its unique palette, which combines several shades at once. The reason for this is the composition of the material, which also affects the appearance of unusual physical properties.

Natural stone has found wide application both in construction and decoration. It is used both in the formation of landscape design and during the creation of interiors.
Our products
In the Remixape catalogue you can find a wide range of products made from high quality limestone coming from Kadastiku quarry. We offer products made both from blocks for the construction of facilities and load-bearing structures, and from slabs for decorating surfaces.

When selecting decorative products, you can choose not only their format, but also their colour palette. At the same time, it is important to pay attention to the base on which the laying will be implemented. After all, its shade will directly affect the colour of the stone itself.

About us
Remixape specialises in the extraction and processing of natural stone in Estonia. We do also offer construction and stone laying services. The Company was founded in 2012, and during this time it has completed 3 large public procurements and more than 25 private orders. We took part in the renovation of such objects as the Lavretsovi 9 park, the Bastion wall, as well as in the restoration of the ancient Hermanni Castle in Narva.

We offer our customers high-quality products made from natural stone, which is mined at Kadastiku quarry. Our products can be used in the construction of buildings and fences, as well as in interior and exterior decoration of facilities. All Remixape products are manufactured using modern equipment, and our specialists, thanks to their accumulated experience, can implement projects of high complexity.

The advantage of co-operation with us is the short delivery time of products. We are ready to offer products that the customers do not need to wait for months. The stone is available in a warehouse, products are manufactured in a short time.

Why our stone?
The choice in favour of natural stone coming from Kadastiku quarry, both during construction and during repairs, is due to a large number of its advantages:

High strength

Best wear resistance

The material has excellent strength characteristics. Moreover, the Narva stone is going to have a higher density after its processing.
Natural stone is practically not subject to wear and tear, and retains its attractive appearance for a long time.

Colour palette

Thanks to its composition, natural stone coming from Kadastiku quarry has a wide range of colours. You can choose both light and more unique dark options.

Remixape specialists are ready to produce many articles from natural stone, including:

  • cladding materials;
  • countertops and window-sills;
  • floor and wall panels;
  • steps, cornice and plinth slabs.
Moreover, you can also order other products made of natural stone. And thanks to the thickness of the limestone layer in the quarry up to 39 cm, we are also ready to fulfil orders for block products for the construction of fences, walls and other elements.
Our works
Several of our works deserve special attention.
Lavretsovi 9 park
Natural stone coming from Kadastiku quarry was used in the design of the stairs and other landscaping elements in the Lavretsovi 9 park. This exquisite and noble natural material perfectly complements the landscape.

Natural stone organically fits into the design of the stairs, making it exclusive. This is an excellent example of the successful integration of natural material into the park area of the city.
Bastion walls
The renovation of the wall was implemented using natural stone. The natural material is well combined with the environment, harmoniously fits into the urban environment.

The advantages of natural stone are not limited to just aesthetic appearance. Eco-friendly material will last for many years, retaining its noble appearance. This circumstance is especially relevant for the city wall.
Hermann Castle in Narva
Herman Castle on the banks of the Narva River was founded by the Danes in the 13th century. This is a magnificent example of medieval architecture, a real pride of Estonia. We were faced with the task of restoring the Castle with the maximum preservation of the original appearance of the ancient fortress. For the restoration works, Remixape used natural stone coming from Kadastiku quarry.

The restoration was completed at the highest level. Natural stone was adapted perfectly on the medieval walls of Narva Castle. Remixape is proud to have had the opportunity to work on the restoration of this cultural heritage site, and our specialist team has performed their task at the top level.

Narva linn, Joala tn 3-M6

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